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Posted on: May 18th, 2021 by admin


Don’t you find that most people find it easier to give than to receive?


For my 30th birthday, my husband bought tickets for us to see the Table Tennis finals at the Olympic Games in Athens.  Yes, I am a player, and watcher of Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Wiff-Waff.
He bought them months before, and keeping the surprise almost killed him.  As my birthday got closer, he couldn’t stop trying to give me clues and would occasionally blurt out `oh my god, you should be so excited!’

For 12 months I sat on the receiving end of, erm, nothing, save for the frequent outbursts of impatience and excitement.  The Table Tennis was too fast for the human eye, but sitting with a pint of Amstel in Athens, watching Paula Radcliffe on the big screen was a magical memory!

You know that excitement you feel when you’ve bought someone a great gift?  You’re hopping from foot to foot, clapping your hands in anticipation.


Giving is in our nature.

We love to give, but do you feel the same way about receiving?  Are your arms wide open ready to receive?  Are you smiling widely?

During lockdown, my mother in law started sending packages to my kids filled with little gifts and treats.

My youngest has since developed an obsession with `checking the post.’

What if we were to live with that same feeling of anticipation, that something magical is on its way to us?


Really think about this.👇


In life, you want to achieve and experience the good that you desire.  Damn right you do!  And you should!

In relation to your goals, your arms are wide open, impatience for them to show up in your life.  A new job, more money, the trip of a lifetime, the idea that will leap onto the page and become a best selling novel.  Hell yes!  I am so ready to receive these things.
As soon as possible please!

Oh, but please do remember that I don’t like receiving gifts, surprises, help from other people or love from strangers.  These things I do not want to receive.

Can you see the conflict here?  It’s not a pick and mix sweet shop.  We either expect and accept abundance into our life, or we do not.  Our filtering system, cuts off the supply of all of the good that is trying to find its way to our doorstep.

If we can graciously receive in every area of our life, the message we are sending is `hey, I am wide open to ideas, gifts, inspiration, help, an idea for a novel, five thousand pounds and a scented candle.’


Open the doors and windows!  Invite, expect and anticipate all the good that is ready to come to you.

How liberating is the idea that you do not have to control everything?

Loosen your grip and allow the magic to find you.


At work…

…release your strangle hold on the idea that you have to work hard to control outcomes.  The belief that, when things are not going as you would like them to go, that you must work harder, and harder, and harder, and harder, and harder…  There’s a point of diminishing return looming!


Allow other possibilities to find you.  Expect the elegant solution and open your mind to that flash of brilliance or inspiration, the likes of which that can only find you when you stop pushing against the tide.



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