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I don’t know how else to say it.  When you work with me, things improve.


What I want for you is to spend your days feeling energised and fulfilled, living in the present, while working towards your goals.

This is for you, your business, your career, your leaders and employees.


When I fell in love with Personal Development over 20 years ago, my stagnant career took off and I enjoyed 20 years in senior leadership positions within global organisations, in Financial Services, Travel and BPO.


As Vice President of Transformation at American Express GBT, I delivered Company Integrations, Culture Transformation and other Enterprise Transformation Initiatives.

During this time, I followed my passion for human behaviour and potential and trained as a Success Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

    • 10 years leading large global teams and driving transformational change.
    • Leadership development and wellbeing coach
    • Personal success coach
    • Bestselling author
    • Speaker (Leadership, Wellbeing, Culture, Confidence, Results, Mindset…)

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