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A warm welcome to you!   Let’s help you find another level of joy and success.

Many of the people I speak to tell me they’re happy but…

  • They have a great career, but they’re out of balance.
  • They have other things they’re like to do, but they don’t know where to start, or they’re scared.
  • They feel stuck.
  • They’ve lost their mojo, they’re bored and uninspired.

Others tell me that they’re unhappy, numb and overwhelmed.


Whether it’s in your business, personal life I’m here to help you achieve results and live well.  It could be that you’re concerned about your leaders and employees.  I’ve been there, but I can help.

The people I work with really are succeeding and thriving.


I achieved a level of career success that I never dreamed possible for someone like me.  Grateful to have an executive role at Amex GBT, but searching for more.

More balance, energy, time, confidence, more…….something!   Whatever once lit me up, had left me.

I didn’t expect or want to feel happy all the time, but I wanted my happiness to be real.


I knew the answers were not outside of me, in events or life circumstances.  I got a coach and a mentor, started feeding my mind new information and it changed everything!

I went from working 10 hours days, feeling emotionally numb to having loads of time, energy and passion.  My playful nature was back, and I laughed more.  As Vice President of Transformation at Amex GBT, I led the successful integration of two global companies with total confidence, ease and pleasure.  Our results were outstanding!

For the first time in years I felt fulfilled (without the `but’).


As many of us do when we experience personal transformation, we become desperate to share it.  So, I got clear about my next purpose, and left my leadership career to start this business.

What we do together:

  • Get clear about what you want to accomplish during your time on this planet (dramatic but necessary).
  • Start doing all the things you want to experience while you’re here.
  • Go bigger with your results.
  • Show your best self, every day!
  • Install the habits to support your overall wellbeing. (There’s no point achieving all your dreams if you feel like sh*t).


How does it work?

Simply?  Mentorship and Training that gives you the system and the tools to you need to create the life you want.

No exceptions, no excuses!  Take total responsibility and live the way you want to live!

Spend your days doing what you love to do, earning the money you want to earn, feeling exactly how you want to feel!  Bring to the surface the joy and energy that is present in all of us, but perhaps, through the experiences of life, now forgotten.  Truly collaborate with others and see what results are really possible in your organisation, when energised minds come together to create (rather than bashing their ego’s off one another).


Results & Mindset Coaching Programmes

        1. Alive & Thrive – A 6 week mindset & wellbeing programme.
        2. Alive & Thrive Employee Wellbeing  – Slot this to your employee wellbeing offer.
        3. Leadership Development – A 16 week leadership programme (Inspire, energise, boost creativity, decision making collaboration and improve business outcomes).
        4. Thinking into Results – A powerful leadership and mind mastery programme (Proctor Gallagher Institute).
        5. Customised Solution – Work together to develop a tailored solution to meet the needs of your organisation.

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