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Success is 100% Mindset

  Success is 5% strategy, 95% mindset.  On race day it’s 100% mindset!  Boy, did I need to dig deep to complete Lake Coniston end to end swim (5.2 miles)!   I’ve never swam further than a mile in open water before.  I trained hard and knew I was physically strong enough. What I didn’t…

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Find The Gifts

Find The Gifts   Scans, tests, hospital appointments, surgery.  My husband Mark is facing something we all hope will never happen to us.  The past couple of months have been more challenging and anxiety inducing than anything I’ve ever faced.  We are not through it yet, but he had a second surgery to remove a tumour…

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FOPO – Fear of Other People’s Opinions

FOPO: Fear of Other People’s Opinions   I’m obsessed with FOPO right now.  Fear of Other People’s Opinions could be the single biggest barrier to confidence and success.  It’s the gigantic bag of rocks that we lug around, barely able to walk, let alone leap enthusiastically towards our best self.   There are people who…

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Be The Leader of You

The Game-Changing philosophy I wish I’d had at the start of my leadership career.   When we’re part of an organisation it can be wonderful!  Exciting goals, great people, supportive leaders and team work.  It can also be toxic and soul destroying.  Egos, arse covering, blame, silos and stress. I’ve been in both situations.  When…

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You’ve Got This!

  You’ve Got This!   My husband is in the middle of some health hurdles and it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever faced.   This morning, as we waited for the doctor to arrive with results from multiple scans and tests, I thought I was going to be sick, my was heart beating out of…

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