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Fancy a Gossip?

  I want you to start gossiping every day. I want you to start talking behind people’s back.  Get together with friends and talk about your other friend who isn’t there. Go to a meeting room with a colleague.  Write another colleagues name on a flip chart and start talking about them.     Wait…

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Whose Dipping?

“Whose dipping?”  The question pops into my family chat group.  You might think they’re asking if I am having boiled eggs for breakfast, but that’s not it. I head to the beach, squeeze into my swim socks and walk into the cold water, wondering if the fear and dread will ever leave me. One morning…

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A blog – giving is receiving

WILLINGLY GIVE AND GRACIOUSLY RECEIVE Don’t you find that most people find it easier to give than to receive?   For my 30th birthday, my husband bought tickets for us to see the Table Tennis finals at the Olympic Games in Athens.  Yes, I am a player, and watcher of Table Tennis, Ping Pong, Wiff-Waff.…

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What does it all mean?

  What does it all mean? Some of our industries have been punched in the stomach.  Some business have been cut off at the knees.  The economy is slowly sinking into the ground.  Our children’s education has a hole that can never be repaired.   But look out of the window. The tree is still…

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I don’t have a Mental Illness, but am I Mentally Well?

I don’t have a Mental Illness, but am I Mentally Well?   Following a personal transformation, I found my way back to happiness.  True happiness, not the surface happiness that many of us tolerate because we don’t know how to feel better. Most people assume that I got my mojo back because I left my…

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