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The Goal-Achieving Power Tool

Frequently the immediate and urgent priorities of the day prevent us from making real progress towards the goals we care about most.  We get caught in an operational loop, reacting and firefighting, rather than taking the daily steps required for long term success. This practical article introduces a simple process that guarantees meaningful advancement towards…

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2020…Don’t Look Down!

10 years ago, my husband Mark and I had a side-hustle running a weekend Coffee Trailer on the sea front, across the road from where we lived.  Good coffee wasn’t around and none of the coffee chains had made it to our coastal town. I’d wake up each Saturday looking forward to my first cup…

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What is Authentic Leadership Really? (60 second read)

When I was in a VP role, I posted a blog on the company Intranet. I’d sat on it for months overthinking whether or not to share it. Should a “VP” share like this? It was personal. I talked about my challenges as a female leader, a mother and shared some funny bits when everything…

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Not Another Motivational Quote

Not Another Motivational Quote!     Part of my Professional Development involves attending week-long training events in Canada and the U.S.  Typically, each morning we receive a gift and card with a quote.   `An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention’  `Silence isn’t empty, it’s full…

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Your Health Goals – The Breakthrough!

Did you set a health goal in January? Did you want to drink less alcohol, stop eating sugar, reduce your body weight, build muscle…? How is it working out for you? Sincerely, I hope it’s positive.  However, it’s almost June and many people are still not where they want to be.  I believe there are…

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