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Be The Leader of You

The Game-Changing philosophy I wish I’d had at the start of my leadership career.   When we’re part of an organisation it can be wonderful!  Exciting goals, great people, supportive leaders and team work.  It can also be toxic and soul destroying.  Egos, arse covering, blame, silos and stress. I’ve been in both situations.  When…

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You’ve Got This!

  You’ve Got This!   My husband is in the middle of some health hurdles and it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever faced.   This morning, as we waited for the doctor to arrive with results from multiple scans and tests, I thought I was going to be sick, my was heart beating out of…

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When Would NOW be a Good Time?

  When would NOW be a good time?   What do you want to do that you’re putting off? Are you, `someday-ing’ your way through life? Can we be certain that `someday’ will be available when we’re ready to grab it?   Rather than living with the expectancy of a long life, Buddhists give thanks…

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Live in Peace

Live in Peace – A Tribute to Mr Bob Proctor             I believe Bob offered guidance and support to a world in desperate need of a new path.   Do you know that feeling when you read the last page of a book you’ve fallen in love with? Or you’ve…

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Fancy a Gossip?

  I want you to start gossiping every day. I want you to start talking behind people’s back.  Get together with friends and talk about your other friend who isn’t there. Go to a meeting room with a colleague.  Write another colleagues name on a flip chart and start talking about them.     Wait…

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