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Posted on: May 13th, 2020 by admin

May is a special month for me.  It’s the month I made the committed declaration to put both feet on a new path and step forward into a new career.

Until then, I’d delayed the decision with a reassuring lie.

I told myself that the investment I’d made to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience I needed to help people transform their lives was worth it, even if I chose not to pursue it.  If nothing else, it would make me a better leader in my role as VP of Transformation at Amex GBT.

I loved the idea of who I wanted to become; a person with her own company and a mission to share the beautiful system that had taken my life to another level with as many people as possible, but I was still very much attached to my identity as a senior leader in the corporate world. I liked her. I knew her well; she was good at what she did and enjoyed her life there.

Choosing a new path was the easy bit.  I had to make a committed decision to jump.

I knew that I would continue along the same path to retirement, unless I started to see myself differently. I couldn’t just think about the idea of a new me. I had to start wearing the clothes and walking around in the shoes of the person I needed to become. The person already in possession of the goal I was dreaming of.

With the desire for my goal burning increasingly ferociously, I was grateful to have the system to help me achieve it. Having already applied it to lead the successful integration of two global companies, I had complete faith that I could use it to create a highly successful business and leave my 20-year corporate career behind.

In a recent interview, I was asked to share why I left the corporate world, how I did it and what I learned.

To answer simply – I had a coach and a structured process that opened my eyes to the potential inside of me and got me out of my own way so I could go for it.  I now work with others to help them do the same thing.

The people I work with get results…quickly!  Within weeks, their level of joy starts to expand, they glimpse their true potential and they start to experience breakthrough’s.

This is how it happened for me.  Breakthrough’s in awareness about how locked in I had been my whole life. Locked in by the ideas about who I was and who I wasn’t. A fixed perception about my place in the world and my potential for anything more or different.


I’d been settling for a happiness level of 4 out of 10, believing that’s just how it was meant to be.

We each have been blessed (and cursed) with an assortment of ideas donated by parents, teachers, bosses, ourselves and the outside world.  These ideas turn into fixed opinions about our capability and potential. When I help people recognise their conditioning and how it’s holding them back, the walls come down and they see their world in a whole new way. They look left, they look right, they look all around and up at the stars and everything looks very different to them.

On the surface I had it all, but I knew there was more.

I opened my mind to a life that could be different to the one I had been living.

More joy, more balance, more contribution, more variety, more growth… When I lifted the lid, not only did I get all of these things, but they continue to come and it keeps getting better.

This is what happens:

  • You realise that you’re barely using a fraction of your potential (even if you’re already successful)
  • Your mind gets to work allowing all the things you’ve ever wanted to be sowed like seeds in soil. Idea seeds that you finally allow to be planted, take root and grow.
  • You start to take action in the direction of your dreams.
  • You feel incredible! The enthusiasm of a child!  The energy of a puppy!
  • Results start to come. Fast!
  • You attract all the resources and circumstances into your life that you need.
  • Those who don’t quite know what they want simply sow ideas. I’ve seen this create beautiful things, that people would never have consciously considered had they not been shown how.

Your mind gets to work sowing the seeds of all the ideas you’ve ever had an impulse about.

When people act on their idea impulses, amazing things start to happen.

Most people don’t act on their intuition, intellectualising the thoughts away before they get chance to become anything.

And when that happens, they remain stuck, in the same life, year after year.

This doesn’t have to be about big career change. It’s about whatever is inside of you that you don’t want to take to your deathbed, having not experienced and brought into the world.

We are all here to contribute something and leave this world better off, more advanced from us being here.

What are you here for?

I don’t believe we have to find a lightning-bolt style purpose which finally reveals what we are supposed to be doing with our life.  I was living `on purpose’ up until I felt like I no longer was.
Then I changed and found out what I was meant to be doing next. I found my new purpose.

My life is very different. I am contributing in a very different way and enjoying everything.  I’m an 8 out of 10 and I’ve never used the word joy quite so much.


I had the toolkit to create the kind of desire that moves mountains.

The same desire that got a man to the moon, gave us the ability to fly around the world, the internet…. Any result or achievement in this world, was created in a human mind and nourished with desire, until the idea powered itself.

I entertained a possibility, then I got excited and scared by it.  Thankfully, I had the understanding to recognise when conditioning (old thinking) was trying to tell me it was a bad idea. I knew when I was procrastinating (scared). Most importantly, I knew how to push through all of this and stay on the path to achieve my goal.

If you have desire, even if your pre programmed self wants to talk you out of it, you can override the old virus code and go for it.

It goes wrong for most people because, for some strange reason they think their deepest desires can only be enjoyed by other people. Why do we believe other people are somehow more intelligent, luckier, more creative or capable than we are?

We believe a life of joy and abundance is for other people.

That’s why I care so deeply about what I do and is one of the biggest reasons WHY I made the committed decision to do it full time.

To leave my role as a VP at Amex GBT and jump.

I didn’t tell anyone about my decision until it happened. I wrote it down. I wrote it on every sheet of note paper in the hotel room. I journaled about it. I visualised it. I affirmed it. I made it my password.  Within a couple of months, it was real, and I felt completely ready and 100% certain. I still do!


Today, there are life changing events happening all over the world and it’s causing many people to pause for thought.

Now is THE TIME to think about whether you’re truly living your life `on purpose.’  Here’s how I made it happen, which might get you started.

6 Recommendations if you’re looking to make ANY permanent change:

  1. Get a mentor and a structured system to give you the knowledge and support.
  2. Create a big goal, that you don’t yet know how to achieve, backed by a burning desire. To have something different, you must become someone different so you’re going to have to really want it if you’ll be prepared to change.
  3. Understand your negative and limiting beliefs. You need to learn how to recognise which sneaky ideas and thoughts from your past are going to talk you out of it.
  4. Replace negative beliefs with more empowering ideas that match your goal.
  5. Think from your goal not to your goal. The person with your goal thinks and acts differently. Create the idea of the person who already is in possession of your goal and become that person.
  6. Visualise – Frequently go to the place of your goal using your imagination to get excited by it.


4 Rules to live by:

If the change you want to make is to leave your current employment to start your own business, or jump into a new career, follow these guidelines:

  1. Always give your best to what you are doing right now.
  2. List 50 things you are grateful for in your current role.
  3. Make sure you are running towards something, not away from something.
  4. Have enough money to cover your current lifestyle for 6 to 12 months.

Don’t set a goal based on today’s limited perception about who you think you can ever become.  Set a goal based on what you really want and do the inner work to become that person.

Go for it!

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