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Lesson 1: A Worthy Ideal 


Lesson 1 explains how to set and achieve the type of goals that will create quantum leaps and transformational change in results.

Employees and teams will learn to set goals way beyond their current level of thinking.  Goals that will create a deep desire strong enough to keep them moving forward.


Lesson 2: The Knowing Doing Gap


To go after big goals, we need to behave as we don’t usually behave, but it’s our conditioned way of thinking that dictates our behaviour.  Lesson 2 teaches individuals how to become aware of and close the gap between what they know and what you do.


Lesson 3: Your Infinite Mind 


When employees learn how to focus their thought energy on only the habitual ideas and behaviours that are beneficial to them, they will be amazed how much they can get done.

During this lesson, employees will learn to become conscious of any non-productive habits and replace them with productive ones that allow for increased efficiency.  Teams become highly productive and feel at ease about their priorities.

Through this lesson we start to upgrade the unique mental programme so people will start to confidently move forward in the direction of their goals.


Lesson 4: Understanding the Mind 


Lesson 4 teaches the foundational principles of how the mind works. Individuals will learn how to understand and manage the inner workings of their mind and the habitual actions it produces.

Everything opens up in this lesson when we learn about the relationship between our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviour and ultimately our results.

You are shown how to take control of your thoughts and your feelings leading to greater emotional wellbeing and the cultivation of thoughts and ideas that take you towards what you want.


Lesson 5: Thinking Into Results 


This lesson teaches how to analyse your current thought patterns in order to begin thinking in greater alignment with what you want. Individuals realise that past results are a reflection of past thinking and that to change their current reality, it is essential to conceive solutions from a place of creativity and innovation.

The past does not equal the future and you are shown how to live from the inside out, be in control and take responsibility for all your results and experiences.


Lesson 6: Environment is But Our Looking Glass 


We each have a picture in our mind about who we are. It’s how we see ourselves, our identity and success in any undertaking will be limited by the picture we hold about ourselves.  The same is true for teams within organisations. Teams have images, companies have images – also known as culture.

Lesson 6 teaches the power and potential of your self-image and that of the team.  When you learn to shift the nature of that inner image away from the conditioned ideas about what’s possible, a world of possibility opens up.


Lesson 7: Overcoming the Terror Barrier 


This lesson explores the inevitable fear we experience in pursuit of our goals or anything significantly different from where we are today – and how to overcome it.

We teach what’s going on psychologically and, in our physiology, so that individuals know how to recognise fear and procrastination, and with understanding, keep moving forward.


Lesson 8: The Power of Praxis 


Lesson 8 helps make the critical connection between our beliefs and our behaviour. We show people that what they believe on the surface is not always what they believe deep inside.

It’s the lack of alignment of belief that prevents many of us from doing the things we know we need to do in order to achieve what we want.

When you get your beliefs intellectually and emotionally harmonised, this shows up in your actions and your results will be realised.  This has to be done individually and as a group.


Lesson 9: The Importance of Attitude 


This lesson gives a very complete definition of the concept of “attitude” and how to change it.  With the right attitude, our thoughts, beliefs and actions become aligned and the results we want will show up.

The ideas covered here are far more powerful than you can imagine.  You will learn how to make sure you have the best mental attitude in every situation, how to catch yourself when you do not and quickly correct your course.  Colleagues learn how to help each other identify when their attitude is out of alignment with the beliefs of the group.


Lesson 10: The Most Valuable Person 


Lesson 10 teaches you that leaders are led from within.  It provides key leadership skills, demonstrating the common attributes of great leaders, all of which can be learned and applied.  Also emphasised is the importance of being a good follower and why both leading and following are critical to success.

You learn how to lead from within, stay in control, create and go after big ideas.


Lesson 11: Leaving Everyone With the Impression of Increase 


This lesson explores how to be in service to others, and the importance of giving without expectation of return. When we give more than is expected of us, we also get more. As a result of this lesson, individuals will look for ways to make everyone they come into contact with feel appreciated and valued.

Building this muscle has a powerful effect on the happiness we feel every day and the engagement of employees in an organisation.


Lesson 12: Magnifying the Mind 


The final lesson solidifies the steps for actually taking that quantum leap, helping employees realise the dramatic results they’ve been working towards. Magnifying the Mind results in individuals that are focused, empowered and able to sustain success in a continual state of unprecedented improvement.  It creates self-sufficient teams who know how to use the power of the collective brain power and when new knowledge or a different point of view needs to be added.

Individuals are taught how to create powerful Mastermind groups to support their biggest and most inspiring goals and bulldoze through challenges decisively and persistently.  Establishment of Mastermind groups in can organisation helps to sustain and spread the principles acquired by the Thinking into Results groups.


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