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Leadership and Team Development

This is the right solution for organisations who recognise the need to innovate and take a more holistic approach to their Employee Experience.

It’s vital that we start to combine functional and traditional leadership training with serious personal development, mindset and wellbeing.  

Also, the practical application of new habits that result in the behavioural shifts necessary for real change to take place.

Companies often don’t prepare their leaders and employees with the mindset, beliefs and attitudes necessary to go for big goals, achieve outstanding results in the organisation and feel totally confident, happy and fulfilled.  Nor do they prepare them mentally for different workload demands or progression into leadership / bigger roles.

Development is often limited to one-off training events providing employees with additional knowledge and skills, but failing to provide ongoing interventions that ensure people actually work differently.  This is about people bringing their best individual performance, whilst actively collaborating for the benefit of the whole.

Information does not change behaviour, practices do.

A recent Forbes publication confirms that without structured ongoing development most of us revert to old habits, some of which are good and some are bad.  For sustained application of new skills or ways of working, we have to get to the root cause of behaviour and results; our habits, which come from our practiced way of thinking…

More than 95% of our behaviour is controlled by our habitual and conditioned thinking.  Less than 5% is based on functional or specialised knowledge.

This means, that despite our best conscious intention, our behaviour will pretty much stay the same, even after more training.

For genuine and sustained behaviour change, employee development programmes must go to the primary cause of behaviour.  The belief system.

In life, we tend to focus on knowledge alone – feeding the intellectual mind and assuming the mindset will take care of itself.  This is a missed opportunity and can present itself as:

    • Talented individuals failing to live up to their potential
    • Mediocre results in the organisation
    • Poor return on investments from employee training and development
    • Poor employee wellbeing (burnout, stress, depression…)

Employees often spend time acquiring more knowledge, believing this will bring them the success or the role they want.  Yet, we can all think of examples where intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced individuals don’t quite make it, and employees with less knowledge and experience progress very quickly.

Successful senior leaders are likely to have already developed a strong and positive mindset.  Often this has happened unconsciously and they take it for granted.  But it’s not just reserved for the few gifted or lucky individuals.  It’s a system and we can teach it!

When you show people that the only limitations live inside of their mental operating system, the results are transformational.

Outcomes you can expect:

    • Goals that energise and inspire greatness
    • Results that exceed expectations
    • Committed and engaged employees bringing their absolute best
    • A standout Culture
    • High levels of collaboration where people create rather than compete
    • The development and preparation of employees for leadership and promotion


Coaching & Mentoring

This is a personal,121 relationship tailored to YOU.

Examples of the things we can achieve together:

– Performance breakthroughs

– Psychological (mind, body) strength

– Support to navigate a transition (personal life event, career change…)

– Leadership and business mentorship.  (With 20 years in leadership and 5 years in business I can share my knowledge, mastermind your ideas, connect you with others and more)


Coaching & Training Programmes

    1. Alive & Thrive – A 6 week mindset & wellbeing programme. £400 – £600
    2. Alive & Thrive Employee Wellbeing  – Slot this to your employee wellbeing offer. (£400 – £600 per person or enterprise agreement)
    3. Leadership Development – A 16 week leadership programme (Inspire, energise, boost creativity, decision making collaboration and improve business outcomes). (£3000 – £5000 per person or enterprise agreement)
    4. Thinking into Results – A powerful leadership and mind mastery programme (Proctor Gallagher Institute). £4000.
    5. Customised Solution – Work together to develop a tailored solution to meet the needs of your organisation.
    6. Exclusive 121 Coaching – To be discussed

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