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Posted on: February 15th, 2022 by admin

Live in Peace – A Tribute to Mr Bob Proctor

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I believe Bob offered guidance and support to a world in desperate need of a new path.


Do you know that feeling when you read the last page of a book you’ve fallen in love with? Or you’ve raced to the end of a TV series, and feel lost when there’s none left to watch?


I felt like that when I got to the end of Tony Robbins, `Get The Edge,’ 7 Day Personal Development Programme. Listening to Tony, his ideas about human emotions, his lessons in success and his philosophy to “live with passion,” felt like ME.

Like someone had found the words to explain what had always been inside me. It felt like coming home and I did not want it to end. On day 7 of the Programme, I put disc number 1 back into the CD player and started the whole programme again. I binge listened again, and again, and again.

A voice nudged me, this will help everyone you know, share it! I passed it around, but it didn’t seem to resonate.


This happened years ago, when I was 25, and Personal Development wasn’t really a `thing.’ I wanted to be part of ‘it’ even though I didn’t really know what ‘it’ was, or how to be involved in it.


So, I continued along my leadership career path for the next 15 years, always studying Tony and other leaders in his field, but I didn’t hear the name Bob Proctor until I enrolled onto a friend’s course, which turned out to be Bob’s ground-breaking `Thinking into Results’ system.


This was it! Finally. A process! A method. It was like everything I’d ever read, or listened to, had been poured into the top of a huge funnel, organised and packaged into a system to create the life and results you truly want, rather than what I’d been settling for.


One student of Thinking into Results explained it best when she said, “It’s like the instruction manual for the person I was meant to be.”


Bob trained me in it, igniting a 20 year old burning ember into a passion. He gave me a way to be part of ‘it.’ Instead of passing information around, I could do for others what Tony and Bob had done for me.


I am grateful every day to Mr Bob Proctor, for helping me and every person I work with to live on purpose.


On February 4th I received the news that, at age 87 Bob had passed away.


It hit me hard! I thought of his family and those closest to him. I thought of the millions of people around the world whose lives had been changed forever because of his work. I mourned the fact that I would never again sit with him in the conference room at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto.


Today, what I feel most, is eternally grateful that I had been in this great man’s presence. Grateful to Bob, to his business partner Sandy Gallagher for co-creating Thinking into Results and to the Proctor Gallagher Institute.


Bob helped me to remove the filter through which I’d been perceiving the world. Superficial values and ideologies had me creating a life I didn’t actually want.


Since I straightened out my wonky priorities, I’ve never felt calmer, happier or more excited for today and every day that’s ahead of me.


I believe Bob offered guidance and support to a world in desperate need of a new path.


I am inspired to be a small part of his ongoing legacy.


Mr Bob Proctor, warm, funny and a true gentleman. Love and light to you and your family.

With love and deep gratitude.

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