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I imagined the closing scene of a movie and I was the star.  The camera was focused on me through the window of the train and then down to the tracks passing in a blur.  Classical music played as I looked out the window at the train tracks.  I imagined the past 18 months and started to cry.  I felt so happy and peaceful, but a quiet concern washed over me.  What if nothing had changed.  What if I had never found my path?   I felt simply grateful to be here, right now, on this day.

I’d been traveling from the North East to London every week for 18 months as part of my role as Vice President of Transformation at American Express Global Business Travel.

This story starts in late 2017.  My son was 18 months old and my daughter was 6.  I’d just finished a global transformation project working with the senior leadership team on all time zones.  Lots of early starts and late night calls.  I felt I’d missed the last 6 months of William’s life, I had a tightness developing in my chest and wasn’t really enjoying anything.  Nothing excited me and nothing got me down.  Balanced and steady?  Or Numb?

I’d been in senior leadership roles for 10 years and in the corporate world for 20.  When I was asked to join Amex GBT as Vice President of European Implementation I was so thankful and proud and I loved every minute of it.  Why wasn’t I enjoying life?   I pulled ‘logic’ from my toolkit and started to analyse the problem.

  • I love my job
  • I love my family and friends
  • I love my fitness
  • I loved my home
  • I love my home, my car and I have no financial concerns.

I must be fine then?  Obviously, I wasn’t.  I made myself a promise that 2018 would be different.

But, at the start of that year I was given a new position to lead the integration of two major global companies.  This was an amazing opportunity and I was so excited, but what about the promise?  This would be the most demanding role of my career requiring me to pull more from myself than ever before.  How could I avoid another year of burn-out and detachment?

That same month a school friend got in touch and suggested we get together.  I hadn’t seen her for 20 years, but something instinctive made me drive the 4-hour round trip to meet her.  She told me how she was consultant, leading people through a self-development programme that was transforming lives.

Out of character, I listened to my gut and I asked to join it immediately.  It’s a system called Thinking into Results and from the moment I explored the first lesson in the programme I felt different.

The first big item on the integration was to lead a conference bringing together the Executive and Senior Leaders from both companies to build the integration strategy.  A two-day conference including 3 presentations I would give to 100 people, half of whom were not happy that they were being acquired by their competitor.  Ordinarily my adrenaline levels would have been super high and this would have been an all-consuming period.

As I started to study the Thinking into Results material, I was making changes to way I use my mind and I started to see things differently.  I was feeding my mind with new information, taking control of where I placed my thought energy.  I was calm, confident and full of positive energy.  The conference was delivered flawlessly and we established relationships between the executives from both companies.

I progressed through Thinking into Results using it as a system for success.  I set big integration goals designed to stretch and expand myself and the team.  My vision was to build and lead the most effective, highlight engaged integration team and over-achieve against our objectives.

70% of integrations fail, but we achieved all our integration goals in the first 90 days and the team was given recognition from our CEO and Board.

During this period, I used the tools in the development programme to allow myself to dream, using my imagination to conceive new ideas.  Karen asked me ‘if you couldn’t possibly fail what would you go after?’

I wrote some words in my journal.

Writing, helping people, development, nutrition, weight management, helping small businesses.  I had no expectation that this was anything other than day-dreaming, but as I opened my mind to possibilities, things started to happen.

I started writing.

Then I started a nutrition course.



  • Stressed – to the point it was impacting my health
  • Burnout – exhausted
  • Hustling – Doing well by working harder
  • Apathy – Lack of enthusiasm


  • Excited – keen to start the day
  • Purpose – a dream for the future
  • Energy – miracle mornings and weekends with the kids
  • Time – to study a nutrition course, a personal development programme, write for an online magazine and lead the integration of two global companies


What changed?  I started using my mind in new ways.  I started to upgrade my programming, picking up my limiting beliefs one by one and upgrading them.  I upgraded my point of view about what I thought I was capable of, realising that I (we all have) limitless potential.

The coolest thing of all was how I started to use my imagination.

I used to think dreaming was a waste of time.  If I couldn’t see a logical path to the achievement of the dream I didn’t see the point.  I was so wrong about this.

Our imagination is everything.  Everything is created twice, once in the imagination and once in the physical form.

After years of using logic and facts, I started to realise that creativity isn’t just for people who paint, act and sing.  Creativity is the ability to originate an idea with the use of our mind.  We can originate anything we want.  In fact, we must originate if we are to create anything new.  What a powerful idea!

With the increasing understanding that our paradigms keep us locked in a box beyond which we cannot see, the second half of 2018 went in a direction I did not expect.

Before I get to that, I’ll explain the box.  We all have a unique mental programme that was there at birth (genetically) and added to (environmentally) in our early years.  This programme is controlling almost every move you make.  It’s a regulator keeping you within the confinements of your paradigm (programme):

  • How we perceive the world
  • The assumptions we make about situations and other people
  • Whether we have a positive or negative self-image (our opinion of our self)
  • What we believe we are capable of
  • The type of relationships we expect to have
  • How much money we expect to earn
  • The type of work we believe we can do

As we start to understand that this is just programming (our paradigm) and that it can be changed, our whole world starts to change.

When I thought about being a writer my programming went like this:

  • I can’t be a writer
  • I’ll never make any money from it
  • I should have done a degree in English if I wanted to be a writer. I’m not going to do a degree now.
  • I don’t think I’m very good
  • My grammar isn’t great
  • Who would want to read what I write anyway?

I’ve had this little chat with myself on and off for over 20 years, and each time managed to convince myself that I didn’t really want to be a writer.  If I really wanted it I would have done something about it.  Until Thinking into Results, my desire had started to fade.

I started deliberately reprogramming my habitual thoughts about this situation:

  • I love writing
  • I have loads of ideas to share with the world
  • If only one person reads my article and it makes them smile, it was worth it
  • I’m a good writer
  • It’s more important to me to do what I love, than what people think

I had wanted to write since I was 20 years old, and I was 42 before I had my first article published!

Our programming is so powerful, we tell ourselves we don’t really want our deepest desires.  We do this to avoid the pain of admitting that we want something we don’t believe we can have.

I allowed the seed to be planted, I nourished it every day to keep it alive and brought it to life by getting out of my own way.

Once I allowed myself to dream and plant idea-seeds I opened the door to my other passion.  I want to help people live a life free from negative ideas about food, fitness and the weight/ size/ shape of their body.  I am working with a nutritional therapist and we’re creating a programme to help people develop the nutrition and mindset knowledge for permanent change.

Finally, I admitted that what I really wanted was to help people live the life they deserve in any area of their life – weight, health, financial abundance, career, business success, relationships…. I cultivated that idea and acted on it.

I became an Elite Coach with the Proctor Gallagher Institute and I am now so proud to call Bob Proctor and some amazing people at PGI, my mentors.  I decided to work and train with the best in the world so I can be the best I can be in my new vocation.

  • The programme I facilitate, has been described as the instruction manual for the person you were meant to be.
  • I think of it as a system for success – a process to achieve anything you really want.
  • Whatever your definition of success is, this is the system to achieve it.

Until I took the filter off I was locked inside the box of my paradigm!

*I relearned how to dream.  But, before I could act on the dream I had to deal with the limiting beliefs I held about myself, confidence issues and get over the lies I told about the time I didn’t have. 

If you want to start living a superior quality of life, find your purpose and achieve the thing you really desire, I can help you!  I’d be happy to talk about how we will achieve it together. 

Financial and emotional abundance is available for you to have immediately!


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