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Posted on: June 30th, 2020 by admin

Not Another Motivational Quote!



Part of my Professional Development involves attending week-long training events in Canada and the U.S.  Typically, each morning we receive a gift and card with a quote.


`An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention’

 `Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.’


Powerful words to kick off 8 hours of personal growth and expansion.


Are quotes like these appearing in your Social Feeds?

Most of us probably appreciate them and they’re slightly more optimistic than the reported news.  Imagine if we pulled sounds bites from the TV news and turned them into a quote for the day!  We could call them ` Warning of the day,’ `Today’s discouraging thought.’

With motivational quotes filling up our social feeds, are they starting to lose their impact?  Are they becoming white noise as we glance, smile and swipe up?

What do you do with them?   Send them on; a quick virtual hello and an uplifting message to the world?

As a regular `Post-woman’, I believe that a steady stream of uplifting thoughts is better than a tidal wave of poison.


Where did this all start?

When a person is impacted by a great speech, or an inspiring book, which leaves a big impression they want to share it.  They pull out the quote that best represents their breakthrough and it appears in your feed.

Beautiful, but diluted.

The person reading the book or listening to the speech was on a personal journey that can’t be replicated.  It may have changed their life, but it won’t change yours if you smile, share and scroll.

Next time you find a quote that creates a big reaction inside of you, don’t scroll it away.  Re-read it and ponder over it.  Think about its meaning.  Write it out every day.



This is how you internalise it and plant it into your mind.  If you don’t internalise it, there will be no impact on your life.  Maybe it spoke to you for a reason!

We are conditioned to read a book once and put it down.  The way I study and teach is to read and listen to information repeatedly.  We use processes to internalise the message and turn it over to our subconscious mind, so it becomes part of us.  When this happens, you start to feel and behave differently – automatically!

That’s how we change.

Nothing changes when we read something once and scroll up.  Nothing changes when you read a personal development book once and put it down and move onto the next one.

Set a small intention.  Next time you read or hear something that resonates powerfully, grab it and study it for 30 days.


“When you read a good book through the second time, you don’t see something in it you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before.”



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