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“This is a programme is very different to anything I have experienced before and I’ve done lots of personal and corporate training programmes.
The private group is massively supportive in encouraging your goals and providing open and honest feedback in a safe environment, they bring energy that knows no bounds and I’m massively thankful for the opportunity to be part of it. As a coach, Lorna brings something I’ve never experienced before: calm, encouraging, hugely supportive, great energy and one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the opportunity to be coached by, I’m hugely grateful that our paths crossed again and I now know why they did.
For anyone thinking about joining Lorna, stop thinking and join this programme straight away, it’s been a game changer for me and I’ll never look back!”
– Janine Lee, Director, JLL Consulting Ltd

“It really has enriched my life in more ways than I can describe.  It positively impacted my job/career but also my relationships (friends and family).  It has expanded my perspective, changed my attitude and how I approach all the various parts of my life. It really has equipped me with tools to take on ANYTHING life throws at me.  I knew a lot of the principles from reading various books, texts etc in the past. However, this programme brought it all together in a very simple, easy to follow and bite size way.  Having Lorna as a coach was the cherry on the top. A combination of her support and the programme brought consistency and accountability into my life.  The structure and delivery mean provided you put in the work you potentially see tangible results very quickly.
Don’t consider it, do it. It’s one of the best investments you will ever make in your life.”
– Genesis Ali, Nutritionist

“I have been on, and am still part of, the Thinking into Results Programme with Lorna and cannot describe well enough the benefits of this mindset shift. My business no longer has a glass ceiling, I feel I am a better boss and I am I am reaching for higher targets and higher goals. And all of the weekly lessons are utterly inspiring and of great benefit to my business. Lorna knows the corporate world inside out but delivers her lessons and coaching with such warmth and understanding. You must speak to her if you want your business and your life to flourish. ”

– Samantha Lee, MD, Publicity Seekers

“I worked with Lorna for the 3 years that I was CEO of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). During that time Lorna had a number of assignments involving management of big programs that were critical to GBT’s business. Among them was leading a team that developed the process and systems for implementation of large multi-national and global clients. She also had the role of program manager for the integration of GBT with another leading global business travel management company.

Her ability to make connections, build relationships, communicate and drive accountability are outstanding. She has very strong coaching skills and her leadership prepared a number of people on her teams for bigger roles.

She is focused and drives for results while at the same time maintaining relationships and it was very rewarding to work with her. Her coaching approach and ability are strong assets and will create real value and return for those who engage with her.”

– Doug Anderson, Former Business Travel Management Executive

“Lorna is absolutely brilliant. We’ve had a number of meetings now and I always feel like I blurt out everything that’s in my head and then I come away organised, calm and with a clear vision of what I’m doing with all the tools I need.

Lorna is full of tips and exercises to alter the way I think and approach situations, and even sends little helpful reminders that really keep me on track.

I genuinely couldn’t recommend Lorna and her coaching enough. If you feel like you’ve got a million things going on but are not getting any closer to your goals, you need to speak to Lorna ASAP!”

– Katy Moody, Managing Director of SHARP Media Group

“I worked with Lorna across two different roles she had, and throughout both periods she was a pleasure to work with – calm, thoughtful, considerate, and with a natural approach that helps you see your way through to the right outcomes. Her attitude and success helping others make her a great fit for the coaching and development area she is now focusing on. ”

– Bruno Murray, Vice President, Strategic Projects & Performance at American Express Global Business Travel

“Lorna truly lives and breathes her passion for leadership and personal development. Her workshops at Amex GBT have been very popular and have definitely made a difference to our team. I recommend her highly to anyone wanting to improve their / their team’s mindset, wellbeing, and leadership skills.”

– Michelle Dyer, Vice President, Risk & Compliance, EMEA

“I’ve spent two years juggling two jobs, a family, parents who are not in the best of health and all the while desperately trying to make some time for myself to keep myself sane.  Tomorrow I walk into my job at social services working in adult social care for almost 25 years to hand my notice in to follow my goal of being a CrossFit Gym Manager. At the grand old age of 47 I’m changing my career and I feel I owe you thanks for that. You have unknowingly inspired me to be brave and take the leap and for that I’m truly grateful.”

– Janine, CrossFit Gym Manager

“Lorna is one of those fantastic individuals that has an abundance of talent, courage, energy & drive, whilst also being a thoroughly nice human being. She has recently turned these human qualities into a business venture that helps her clients to remove the shackles that may be preventing them from fulfilling their untapped potential. Or as Lorna puts it, ‘living the life they deserve’.

Having watched Lorna’s business evolve out of her own personal ‘growth journey’; from VP at American Express Business Travel, to the sacrifices she’s made to get it to where it is today, has been fantastic. I am a huge supporter of what she’s doing & can’t think of anyone more deserving of ‘living the life they deserve’ than Lorna.”

– Ray McDiarmid, Lead at Capgemini

“Confidence and belief! For someone that has never had much confidence in themselves or their ability,  I am striving forward with sustained belief and a new found confidence.  It has has really driven change to and through me, like I’ve never seen or believed before.

It has shown me how to focus on the ‘what’ not the ‘how’ because this has been what has always stopped me in my tracks previously! I never knew ‘how’ i could realise my dreams so I didn’t bother thinking about them anymore and to the back of my mind they went.
I’m only half way through and the results  have been remarkable, not just professionally but personally too. I have found a new energy, masses of belief and I’m confident in putting things to the test and observing results delivering.

– Janine Lee, Director, JLL Consulting Ltd

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