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My 5 year old son wakes up energised, excited and inspired.  Why do we lose that as we get older?

Perhaps it’s because our life experiences, our wins, losses, joys and sorrows, create layers between our baseline state (happy and energised) and how we actually feel each day.  It is possible to get back to that baseline.  I see it every day in the people I work with and I live that way (most of the time).

My 10 years old daughter believes anything is possible in her future.  At what point do we stop believing in endless possibilities and start accepting, and believing we are powerless to change?

Probably when other people’s opinions and life experiences show us who we are and what we worth.  That’s the past though isn’t it?  The past doesn’t have to have anything to do with the future, unless we let it.  We can stop the past in its tracks and change our future, but we’re not taught how to do that.

We can learn.  Rather, we can re-learn.

Results & Mindset Coaching Programmes

Alive & Thrive (TM pending) – A 6 week mindset & wellbeing programme.

There are practical things we can do to truly thrive in the modern world.  Make the change you’ve always wanted to make. Release the weight, improve your performance, feed your mind and live with passion. This is a practical system to help you shine your light brightly and get results.

What people say about this one:

“Truly life changing and mind blowing!”

“Confidence at an all time high!”

“I found myself burning out, my passion was fading, my energy vanished… I lost my mojo. I felt flat, boring, anxious, exhausted & overwhelmed. After the first session I was already thinking a thousand times clearer. By week 2 I’d regained the confidence I thought I’d lost. After 6 weeks, I’m back! Positive, motivated, determined & setting my sights even higher. I’ve got the right mindset to progress my future & make sure every day is awesome.”

“What a ride! Six weeks with Lorna Dunning, I recommend it highly.”

Thinking into Results – A powerful leadership and mind mastery programme (Proctor Gallagher Institute).

Get your mojo back.  Something not working for you?  Let’s get you clear about what you want, get you the system to go get it and support you every step of the way!  I don’t care where you are in your life today, tomorrow is wide open when you start this process with me.

The process to achieve anything you seriously want. Be empowered, change how you feel and be totally in control of your life.  

What people say about this one:

“It’s like you get given a new pair of glasses to see the world…and to help you navigate it as your best self.”

“If your career feels mediocre and lacks direction, it will help you reboot your performance.”

“A reboot to bring the passion and energy that we all once had in our younger years.”

“This has been truly the best investment in my life and the results I have achieved are far beyond what I expected.”

I am deeply invested in helping you.  That’s the only reason I do what I do.  Contact me to see what’s the best fit for you.

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