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Posted on: March 15th, 2021 by admin


What does it all mean?

Some of our industries have been punched in the stomach.  Some business have been cut off at the knees.  The economy is slowly sinking into the ground.  Our children’s education has a hole that can never be repaired.


But look out of the window.

The tree is still the tree.  The bird is still the bird.  The sky is still the sky.  The sand is still abundantly carpeting the beaches of our planet.


The sun rises and falls.  The stars still shine.  The earth rotates.


Your heart is still beating, your lungs breathing.  Your mouth can lift at the corners into a smile.  Your heart can still love the world, yourself, each other and those most precious near, far and passed.


Your eyes can sparkle.  They can read to enjoy words on a page.  They can look upwards and around to sample the clouds, the rain, the sun and the colours that blanket this planet.



Our industries will go on, or more exciting ones will rise up and fill the spaces left behind.  Our businesses may walk in a new direction, but they will walk again.  The economy never sinks, it does what we decide it will do.  Our children have the wisdom of experience that cannot be learned in books.


A Caterpillar will still become a Butterfly.







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