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During a 20-year career in senior roles within global organisations, I’ve been fortunate to work with top performers and exceptional leaders.


I made it a habit to observe and learn from others’ successes and mistakes (often obsessing a bit too much about my own mistakes).


I now support people through a Personal Development & Mind Mastery journey to take their career and life to the next level.  I was already pretty successful, but if I’d had access to this information, I’d have been unstoppable!


Here’s what I’ve learned!

Education, specialised knowledge and relevant experience are accepted as the 3 main ingredients to a successful career. With the right attitude and work ethic, most people advance gradually through the corporate world until they reach their desired status, or they plateau.



– By traditional definitions (seniority, substantial responsibility and lucrative benefits), why do some people achieve success, and many do not?

– Why do some people progress more quickly than others?

– Why are there people with less education, knowledge & experience who enjoy massive success?


There’s a 4th ingredient!

It’s not taught in schools and professional development programmes usually miss the mark.

Successful people have elements of this 4th ingredient but it’s usually not something they are consciously aware of.  If they were, their success would go through the roof!

When we observe successful people, great leaders and high achievers, we tend to assume they have been blessed with gifts that the masses missed out on and can’t learn.  More confidence, more charisma, better vision….   But we all have the 4th ingredient.  All we have to do is learn how to activate and strengthen it.  This is about learning how to use the mental equipment we were all born with.

Learn how to use your mind more effectively.  Even if you’re already successful, there’s always another level to be found by examining and upgrading your mindset.  More joy, success, wellbeing and meaning is ours for the taking when we learn how to open our mental toolbox and put it to work for us.







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