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Posted on: March 19th, 2020 by admin

The Life You Deserve


You deserve a life filled with joy, excited to leap out of bed.

It’s cold and it’s dark, but your mind is alive, with thoughts of the day that’s ahead.

When this happens you bring forth your best self, giving selflessly to the people around you.

When you pass on your love, that love starts from within, so giving makes you feel great too!

When this happens your own happiness sorts, it’s a beautiful cycle of giving.

Make this a habit and attract into your world, all the things that make life worth living.

When this happens you’re you’re a creative soul, living in abundance and flow.

To create, to originate and to grow each day, in the light of our expression we glow.

When this happens you’re using your power, imagination is your gift to behold.

Visualise daily, who you want to become, then relax and watch it unfold.

When this happens you’ve opened your gifts, letting your potential break free.

The life you deserve is yours to create, manifestation and attraction will be.

When this happens your belief is so strong, you’ve experienced the power inside your core.

The power of focus, imagination and attention; your world becomes a wide open door.

Jump in with both feet, feel gratitude and love, you’ll have energy and joy in reserve.

Keep creating and focusing on the good you desire,

And you’ll be living the life you deserve.


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