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Workshops and Seminars

Lorna Dunning is passionately committed to helping individuals realise their full potential and live the life they deserve by teaching the infinite power that lies within each of us.  Through her workshops and seminars she brings concepts and ideas to life for her audience, drawing on her own experience in her executive corporate career and her transition into the world of Personal Development and Wellbeing.


Example Workshops

  • Goal Creation Workshops

Designed to help individuals and teams understand the importance of goal creation and think beyond where they are to set goals worthy of their potential.  They are taught the goal creation process, how to use their imagination and create inspiring goals that create the desire that is required for their attainment.


Individuals often don’t know what they want.  If they try to conceive a goal that’s beyond their current level of belief, their mind quickly and automatically creates obstacle justifying all the reasons it can’t be done.  The same happens in business where we set goals using past results as a baseline rather than what’s infinitely possible.


In business we focus on SMART goals which compliment performance management and renumeration & rewards systems. Organisations absolutely need predictable results so they can make commitments to their customers, shareholders and employees, but SMART goals are seldom inspiring.


We approach goals differently, while maintaining the requirements for a company to be able to adequately forecast and plan,  creating a desire in people that pulls out their very best and causes them to grow (and feel alive).


Designed to raise awareness about the power of the mind in relation to every aspect of life, with a focus on wellbeing and pleasure in the workplace.  Individuals join 6 live webinars including stimulating concepts and ideas detailed in the brochure.  They are given resources and taught how to apply changes they can benefit from immediately.


  • Wellbeing Workshops and Seminars

60 to 90 minute sessions exploring the power of the mind in achieving a good state of wellbeing.  Individuals learn how they can start to deploy simple practices to immediately benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Why focus on Wellbeing…?

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) defines wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health and it is increasingly a priority for individuals, education systems and employers, but there is more to do. 

The estimated expenditure made by employers to improve wellness for their employees has increased by almost 5% since 2015.  The Global Wellness Institute suggests that this is small in comparison to the productivity losses from an unwell workforce and disengagement.  Generally, employers who do invest in workplace wellness initiatives are motivated by a desire to improve morale, retention, productivity, competitiveness and to make them a more attractive employer.


  • Bespoke Workshops and Seminars

Lorna will work with you or your company to build a session or series to target specific challenges or opportunities.  Examples include creating a team vision, beginning of year/end of year motivational sessions, self-image deep dives…

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